Snips & Tips from the March Garden

Garden area

·         Finalize selections and plant new trees and shrubs

·         Mulch tree and shrubs plantings up to 4 inches deep – keep away from trunks

·         Fertilize established trees and shrubs

·         Prune trees as needed – repair winter storm damage

·         Apply dormant oil to fruit trees in early March to reduce scale and mite insects

·         March is a great time to plant berry crops which includes strawberries, blueberries, boysenberries, currants, and grapes.

·         Clean up flower beds by cutting back old foliage

·         Consider installing a raised bed.  Add a high-quality soil to solve any problems with clay or sand. Raised beds are good back-savers when weeding, planting, or tending plants.

·         Start seeds indoors under lights for later transfer to garden

·         Plant new roses – okay to prune floribunda and hybrid tea roses

·         Prune spring blooming plants after they finish blooming


House plants

·         Divide plants

·         Repot

·         Fertilize

·         Monitor for houseplant pests



·         Reseed with fescue

·         Grubs become active this month and feast on grass before molting. Check with your local extension office to learn which treatments work best in your area this time of year.

·         Get the jump on crabgrass by applying a preemergent herbicide.  Applications should coincide with forsythia flowering



·         Check irrigation system for repairs and upgrades

·         Sharpen tools and mower blades or replace as needed

·         Attract bluebirds - Bluebirds start nesting in the spring, so it's important to have your nesting boxes up and ready for them by then.  Bluebirds may start nesting anytime between February and April.