October Garden Tips

Divide clumps of Iris, Daylily, Hosta and grasses.  Plant in other areas of your yard or share with friends.  The Iris and Daylily will bloom better next year.

If you haven't yet its time to put down a pre-emergent on your warm season grasses.  This will prevent weeds next spring.  Do not put it out if you plan on seeding or over-seeding fescue.

It's a great time to pick up your spring bulbs.  Wait until after the 15th to put them in.  

Replace your annual color in your planters.  Combine pansies with snapdragons, ornamental grasses or cabbage.  This will be wonderful color all winter.

Fall is the best time to plant trees and shrubs.  The cooler temperatures help them get established.  Be sure to remember to water them well.

It's time to plant your fescue seed.  Fescue does well in the falls cooler temperatures.  Be sure to aerate well before you overseed your lawn.  Don't forget to fertilize and water to help the seed get established.

 Mary Clement,  Master Gardener Extension Volunteer