The mission of Historic Clarkesville Cemetery Preservation, Inc. is to restore, enhance and preserve this important cultural landmark as a vital part of Clarkesville’s history and as a botanical sanctuary and resource for visitors and residents.  Visit their website at

In April, Clarkesville Mayor Barrie Aycock and Brooks Garcia, who is leading botanical restoration efforts at the Old Clarkesville Cemetery, spoke to the Headwaters Master Gardeners about the Cemetery Restoration Project.  The City of Clarkesville acquired the cemetery in December 2016.   Mayor Aycock discussed the ongoing effort to restore the Old Clarkesville Cemetery and noted that plans include establishing regularly scheduled workdays to aid in this effort. 

Two workdays, April 10 and May 4, were scheduled for local gardeners.  On April 10, more than ten volunteers from the Headwaters Master Gardeners as well as the Clarkesville Garden Club joined board members from the Historic Clarkesville Cemetery Preservation committee to spread mulch, pick up debris and complete general landscaping duties.  Volunteers from the Headwaters Master Gardeners included new trainees Karen Bartlett, Cissy Belson, Lee Boutwell, and Rhonda Daniel.  Headwaters new trainees Cissy Belson and Lee Boutwell were also able to participate on May 4.

We are grateful to all for their time and effort on this project.

 Rhonda Daniel, HWMG 2019 trainee