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Project Update - Historic Clarkesville Cemetary Preservation

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The mission of Historic Clarkesville Cemetery Preservation, Inc. is to restore, enhance and preserve this important cultural landmark as a vital part of Clarkesville’s history and as a botanical sanctuary and resource for visitors and residents.  Visit their website at

In April, Clarkesville Mayor Barrie Aycock and Brooks Garcia, who is leading botanical restoration efforts at the Old Clarkesville Cemetery, spoke to the Headwaters Master Gardeners about the Cemetery Restoration Project.  The City of Clarkesville acquired the cemetery in December 2016.   Mayor Aycock discussed the ongoing effort to restore the Old Clarkesville Cemetery and noted that plans include establishing regularly scheduled workdays to aid in this effort. 

Two workdays, April 10 and May 4, were scheduled for local gardeners.  On April 10, more than ten volunteers from the Headwaters Master Gardeners as well as the Clarkesville Garden Club joined board members from the Historic Clarkesville Cemetery Preservation committee to spread mulch, pick up debris and complete general landscaping duties.  Volunteers from the Headwaters Master Gardeners included new trainees Karen Bartlett, Cissy Belson, Lee Boutwell, and Rhonda Daniel.  Headwaters new trainees Cissy Belson and Lee Boutwell were also able to participate on May 4.

We are grateful to all for their time and effort on this project.

 Rhonda Daniel, HWMG 2019 Trainee

HWMG Clarkesville Library Children’s Garden Update May 6, 2019

On last Friday morning, May 3, Jean Armstrong, Lavon Callahan, Janet Martin, myself and my husband, Clayton Sparrow worked at the Clarkesville Library Children’s Garden. We planted over forty plants.  About half the plants were purchased or donated by our group.  The other half were contributed by a library patron.  Thank you so much to this library patron. 

The patron’s plants were obtained from the North Georgia Technical College. All of us living near Clarkesville know how healthy and full plants purchased from NGTC are. Among those plants are Penta, Artemesia, Marigolds, Golden Shrimp Plants, and Cosmos.  Most of the plants from NGTC are plants which like sun so they were planted on the sunny side of the garden.

The plants obtained from HWMG are perennials and partial shade plants. Some of these plants were Lily of the Valley, Solomon’s Seal, Woodland Poppy, Sedum and Heart’s a Bursting.   These plants are located on the shadier side of the garden near the big oak.

Additionally, Lavon Callahan of HWMG brought Lemon Thyme, Flat Parsley and Curly Parsley to add to herbs previously planted at the garden.

The three planters on the terrace are all filled with a variety of plants for the children to see, smell and touch. A few of the recently added plants are Cosmos, Lemon Button Ferns, Lavender and Creeping Jenny.

We are so thankful for the rain this last weekend which should help to get the plants acclimated to their new home.

I can also report that the children are already using the garden as they planted cornflower and zinnia seeds last week with the assistance of Children’s Librarian Ashawna Green near the herb section of the new garden.

The remaining work for the next month is to finish eliminating the grass in the garden area, and to complete mulching the whole garden area.  Attention to watering will also be necessary. I hope some of the MGs will help with these two tasks.  If you can help with mulching or watering a time or two, please give me a telephone call or send me an email so we can work out a time for this work to be done.

Again, thank you to all the Master Gardeners who have given their time and energy or given plants or donations to this project. Holly Sparrow, HWMG

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Clarkesville Library Children’s Garden Project Update March 28, 2019

 We had our first workday of 2019 for the project on Thursday afternoon, March 28.  Headwaters Master Gardeners Kathy Booker, Laura West and Holly Sparrow, along with 2019 MG Student, B.J. Kvame were there.  We were joined by the Clarkesville Library Manager Shawna Meers-Ernst and Ashana Green.

The existing daffodils were moved to a more suitable location in the garden area. We also planted Lenten Roses, removed debris from the garden, and attempted to reduce the abundant chickweed in the garden area.

 It was heartwarming to see that some of the herbs planted last fall, a fern and three Celandine Poppy plants have woken up after the rainy winter and are beginning to grow again in the garden.  The poppies are especially cheery with their bright yellow flowers and fuzzy flower capsules.

 Our next workday is tentatively Saturday, April 20 (10 a.m. to noon). The purpose of the workday will be to plant a few more herbs, perhaps a few Hostas, Lambs' Ears, and some perennial Chrysanthemum divisions.  April 20 is during Easter weekend and some people will be busy with family events, but we hope to have a few volunteers to keep the garden project moving forward.