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June Gardening Tips

Mulch your vegetable garden.  Try to use three sheets of newspaper around the plants, cover with leaves, wheat straw or pine straw.  Also, mulch newly planted trees and shrubs.  The extra mulch will reduce water loss and heat stress to the roots. Use either pine straw or wood chips.  Be sure to leave space around the trunk of the plant.

Fertilize tomatoes regularly.  Plants should grow vigorously to produce flowers and fruit.

Look for seedlings under Lenten Roses.  These can be transplanted easily to another location in your garden.

Prune back your Hydrangeas when most of the blooms have faded.  This will promote new growth, which may give you more blooms this fall.  

Pay attention to your hanging baskets.  They dry out more quickly with the warmer temperatures.  Water at dawn and dusk to reduce water loss.

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