November Tips

Rake leaves off of your lawn.  The wet leaves will eventually kill the grass.   Rake them into a pile and run them over with your mower.  The bagged leaves can be added to your compost pile or placed around your flower beds.  The leaves will mulch your plants and enrich the soil.

Clean, sharpen and oil your garden tools.  Since your putting them away for the winter, plus its something to do on a cold rainy day.  The oil will help prevent rust and the sharpened tools will be ready for next spring.

Force bulbs for the holidays.  Paper whites are ideal for forcing this time of year.  Select a glazed pot or glass bowl.  Fill the bottom with pebbles, place the bulbs on the pebbles and add more pebbles for support.  Then add water.  The bulbs should flower in three to six weeks.  If you need to stake them, just grab some twigs from the garden.

Keep weeding.  It's easier to see the weeds now that the garden plants have died back.  Now is a good time to control perennial weeds.  They are easy to locate since they are still green.